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Book 4

It Was Quite A Party by Neil D. "Gobbler" Cost as told to Scott Branton and Ray Berryhill

This is the 4th Neil Cost book offered by Branton Berryhill Publishers. Printed in full color, this book is limited to 1500 numbered copies. This book contains more information about Neil Cost and his hunting, along with an instructional chapter. The price is $40.00 per book (MS residents add 7% sales tax) plus $10 shipping. Books are shipped by USPS Priority Mail. Include the valid mailing address and number(s) you are requesting. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, download and complete this ORDER FORM. If using Venmo, put which book number(s) you are requesting in the text field along with the mailing address.

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Pavo!Pavo! The Odyssey of Ocellated Turkey Hunting by Scott Branton and Ray Berryhill.

Pavo!Pavo! The Odyssey of Ocellated Turkey Hunting by Scott Branton and Ray Berryhill Branton Berryhill Publishers is pleased to offer the first book ever devoted entirely to ocellated turkey hunting - the usual sixth and final leg comprising the wild turkey World Slam. Purchased individually, Trade Edition is $25 plus $10 shipping and the Limited Edition is $75 plus $10 shipping.


Neil D. “Gobbler” Cost: Paddle Caller Instructional DVD (35 minutes) This long anticipated video release contains never before seen footage of the legendary Neil Cost demonstrating the use of his now famous wild turkey paddle caller. Recorded in his Greenwood, South Carolina home, Neil provides instruction in his own unique down home style for reproducing authentic wild turkey calls with this most versatile of turkey callers. As a result, the viewer feels like Neil’s special, invited guest with his own private lesson from the master turkey caller maker himself, Neil D. “Gobbler” Cost. This video footage is not shot in a studio, therefore the quality has more of a "home movie" feel than a professionally produced hunting video. DVD $25 + $5 shipping

Neil Cost CD

Neil Cost’s Practical Turkey Guide: Basic Hunting Methods and Calling This CD by Neil D. “Gobbler” Cost takes the listener through all aspects of a successful turkey hunt. This includes the callers to use when to use them, when not to use them, and what calls to make in specific hunting situations. He instructs the listener on methods of calling that have proved successful for him and strategies he has learned through years of experience. He also describes methods of locating, setting up, and harvesting your gobbler. This audio guide provides excellent tips and tricks to use on your next turkey hunt.
CD $20.00 + $5 shipping


Individual Instructional Chapters When the first three Neil Cost books became sold out and somewhat of a collector's item, we continued to receive calls from those interested in the step-by-step instructions on how to make the callers. In response to the many requests, we have taken each instructional chapter and bound it. Each of these chapters are numbered and signed by Scott and Ray. From the first book, Making Turkey Callers in... The Gobbler’s Shop, the chapters are The Diaphragm Caller, The Wingbone Caller, the Double-Sided Box, The Peg & Slate Caller, and The Scratch Box Caller. Neil Cost Talks Turkey with Scott Branton and Ray Berryill including The Hen Tricks Caller and The Paddle Caller.
Chapters $20.00 each + $5 shipping

Gobbler's Shop

Individual Instructional Chapters from The Gobbler's Shop - $20 each + $5 shipping

The Gobbler's Shop: Diaphragm Caller
The Gobbler's Shop: Wingbone Caller
The Gobbler's Shop: Double-Sided Box Caller
The Gobbler's Shop: Peg & Slate Caller
The Gobbler's Shop: Scratch Box Caller

Neil Cost Talks Turkey

Individual Instructional Chapters from Neil Cost Talks Turkey - $20 each + $5 shipping

Neil Cost Talks Turkey: Hen Tricks Caller

Neil Cost Talks Turkey: Paddle Caller

The Last Hurrah

Individual Instructional Chapter from The Last Hurrah - $20 each + $5 shipping

The Last Hurrah: The Sawn-and-Glued Single-Sided Box Caller



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