wild turkey

Scott Branton and Ray Berryhill were introduced to one another and began to hunt together in the mid 1960s as a result of their respective fathers who worked for the same timber company. During their college years at Mississippi State University, they made time to hunt turkeys and deer. After settling into careers and families in Starkville, Mississippi, they continue to share hunts and stories of past hunts. Turkey hunting and their pursuit of the "ultimate" turkey caller eventually led them to Neil Cost. In attempting to discern the attributes that made Neil's turkey callers unsurpassed, a relationship developed which led to not only Neil's first book, Making Turkey Callers in...The Gobbler's Shop, but also to the founding of Branton Berryhill Publishers and the subsequent books, Neil Cost Talks Turkey and The Last Hurrah. It is our hope that you will find these books interesting, informative, and of real benefit in your turkey hunting. To talk turkey, or any related facet, please contact Scott and Ray at their home numbers listed below. Good luck with your hunts and remember to call 'em close.

Scott Branton (662-324-2726) and Ray Berryhill (662-418-9679)