To all of you turkey hunters who desire that perfect caller, one like Neil Cost made, we have the next best thing. Our publications were written with Mr. Cost, detailing the "how to" in making each of his callers. In addition, we have other items to aid in any turkey hunting quest.

Branton Berryhill is proud to announce the last of the quartet of Neil Cost books published by Branton Berryhill Publishers available in Spring 2021!

It Was Quite A Party 


Neil D. "Gobbler" Cost 

as told to 

Scott Branton and Ray Berryhill


General Information

Our time table for publication is tentative as follows:

• Available Spring 2021

• 4th and final Neil Cost book from Branton Berryhill Publishers

• Limited to 1500 numbered copies

• Six chapters having 192 numbered pages with over 224 total pages

• Hardbound with a dust jacket

• Printed with full color photos with the exception of photos originally printed in black and white

• Instructional chapter on the corn cob and wooden peg striker or Snow Goose bone striker

• Chapter detailing selected thicknesses of the double-sided box caller

• Preface by Albert Paul

• Foreword by Lamar Williams

How to Pre-Order and Reserve Your Book

• First priority given to individuals who have ordered the previous three matching numbered books from Branton Berryhill Publishers.

• Second priority given to individuals who ordered Neil's first book, Making Turkey Callers in...The Gobbler's Shop, from Branton Berryhill Publishers.

• Once book begins shipment, all unclaimed book numbers will be available for purchase without regard to prior purchase of any Neil Cost books from Branton Berryhill Publishers.

• Price: $40 each (MS residents add $2.80 sales tax) plus $10 shipping

• Books are shipped USPS Priority Mail - must include valid mailing address.

• In order to reserve your copy(ies) with the desired book number(s), you must either make the pre-order purchase or mail in the order form with payment.

• Click the Our Products link at the bottom to pre-order.

• Questions concerning It Was Quite A Party or ordering information for the same, should be emailed to info@brantonberryhill.com

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wild turkey Neil Cost caller

Click here to view part of the Neil Cost DVD on YouTube

Updated 03/01/2021

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